05/10 | How to define 'green' for financing the transition to a low carbon economy

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05/10/2018 - 09:30

Friday 5 October 2018 | 09:30 AM-16:00 PM | Brussels | Eurostation

In the context of its work on the financing of transition, the Federal Council for Sustainable Development organizes on 5 October a seminar on the definition of "green". What activities can - or cannot - be financed by a so-called "green" financial product ? How will the future European taxonomy be implemented and how will it impact the financing of transition in our country ? What is the role of low-carbon and positive carbon impact benchmarks ( ?

The seminar will be particularly interesting for specialists of sustainable finance. Presentations by the European Commission, by members of the Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance and by specialized consultants are on the programme. Various actors concerned by the Commission’s regulation proposals of 24 May 2018 in Belgium will then take the floor.   The following speakers have confirmed their participation to date:

  • Annica COCHU, Adelphi (Berlin), co-author of the study “Defining ‘green’ in the context of green finance” carried out for the European Commission (
  • Ariane MEUNIER, Federal Public Service Finance, International and European Financial Affairs
  • Asdin EL HABBASSI, Business Europe
  • Barbara GABOR, European Commission, DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
  • Jean-Luc FILIPPINI, European Investment Bank
  • Mireille MARTINI, Finance Watch, Member of the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance
  • Pierre-Emmanuel NOEL, European Investment Bank

A separate seminar on the implication of the regulation proposals for institutional investors in Belgium is to be held in December.

The final programme of the seminar of 5 October will be published very soon on the website of the Federal Council for Sustainable Development (

This seminar will be conducted in English. Participation is free but you need to register. You can already note the date in your diary and register via the link:

The address of the seminar is: Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, Rue Ernest Blerot 1, 1070 Brussels

Should you have any questions, you can contact Nathalie BOUCQUEY (+32 2 743 31 51 -