Opinion in preparation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26)

At the end of October, the UN climate summit will start in Glasgow. The challenge is enormous: as climate change is becoming more and more apparent, also in our own country, measures are becoming more and more urgent. It will be a matter of aligning the rebuilding of the world economy after the health crisis with the climate goals and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Therefore, in preparation for COP26, the FRDO-CFDD drew up an own-initiative opinion, chaired by Prof. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, with a number of priorities for our country. This advice was approved by consensus by all members of the council.

The council recalls the ambition mechanism of the Paris agreement and stresses the importance of developing, by COP26 at the latest, new ambitious National Targets (NDCs) to close the gap between emissions projected in 2030 and the 1.5°C objective set in Paris, including measures on equitable transition and rules that ensure a level playing field for our companies.

The council invites Belgium to actively participate in climate diplomacy to strengthen the common international dynamic to tackle climate change. This diplomacy should strive towards the broader acceptance of a long-term climate neutrality objective and the joint reinforcement of the objectives in the framework of the Paris agreement that is on the agenda of COP26.

The council calls on Belgium and the EU to pay particular attention to the principles of inclusion, human rights, gender equality and "handistreaming" in the international negotiations and positioning of Belgium and the EU.

Climate and biodiversity policies are closely linked, and it is therefore fundamental to further strengthen nature-based solutions. Therefore, the FRDO-CFDD asks our country to advocate integration and ambitious targets for these solutions at the next biodiversity summit (CBD COP15).  

With regard to financing, the council requests, among other things, that Belgium commit itself at the international level to the process of achieving a higher target for international climate financing by 2025, that there be a greater Belgian commitment to international climate financing without burdening the development cooperation budget, and that discussions in this regard be decoupled from other intra-Belgian agreements.

The FRDO-CFDD is of the opinion that the agreement that should be reached in Glasgow must be in line with the San José principles on the carbon market, as signed by Belgium (guaranteeing environmental integrity, no double counting, ...).
You can find the full text of the opinion here.

Picture: Free-Photos via Pixabay