The tour of climate-neutral Belgium | FILM

The tour of climate-neutral Belgium - FILM

Over the last 6 years, The Council’s “Sustainable Development Journalism Award”, has been encouraging journalistic coverage of sustainable development and climate policy issues. The Council has recently promoted further action with the financing of an audiovisual production on local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Extracts from this documentary were shown on the 7th  and 8th of December 2015 as a side event at the COP21 in Paris.

The video, entitled On the Road to a Carbon-Free Belgium, was made in collaboration with Rumblefish and Zero Emissions Solutions. This Belgian road movie sees presenter Jan Matthys going in search of local solutions to the global problem of climate change. It goes without saying that each step of this journey, from Ghent to Flobecq, Brussels, Houthalen, Liège and beyond, is undertaken using sustainable transport. He visits transition projects tackling areas such as food, energy, transport, construction, etc. which involve not only local authorities but also local people and organisations. Wind power, cycle routes, vegetable gardens, solar panels, local produce markets, roof insulation, waste-wood fired heating networks, and much more besides... There are a great many initiatives in our country and this report will, we hope, inspire the public and politicians alike to turn the COP Paris climate change resolutions into action.

You can see the film trailer on Vimeo as well as the full version. This film can be used either in whole or in part for public presentations (fora, seminars, etc.). Please just let us know in advance via email: